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Baby Soother


Featured as one of the best baby apps by the Chicago Tribune and many parenting blogs, this app allows users to turn their device into a digital impression of the popular Fisher-Price and Baby Einstein crib soother products sold in stores. With adorable illustrations and effects, the animated scenes are designed to pacify babies with mesmerizing motions, music, and sounds.

Discovery News

Discovery Communications

Discovery News' mobile apps are a complement to DiscoveryNews.com, the leading online source of in-depth coverage and analysis of developments in technology, space and earth sciences. The on-the-go apps deliver news articles and analysis, videos, easy search functionality, fun facts from the Discovernator and more.


Discovery Communications

The Petfinder app allows users to custom search hundreds of thousands of pets from nearly 14,000 shelters and rescues across North America. The mobile companion to Petfinder.com, which has facilitated more than 20 million adoptions since 1996, the app offers detailed information about each pet, contact information, Happy Tail updates, comprehensive dog and cat breed guides, video resources, share functionality, and more.


FlightPath / HomeAgain

Between 6 and 8 million pets enter animal shelters each year in the US. This app by HomeAgain, leader in pet microchipping and recovery services, allows people to keep a lookout for lost pets by GPS. It is rich in content and features, including lost pet alerts via push notifications, extensive mapping functionality, and even a PetRescuer quiz and "Find Fido" game.

Bro 2 Go

Simon & Schuster

From the popular TV series, How I Met Your Mother, Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) brings the wisdom of The Bro Code to iOS, with this interactive app full of content, including the Bro Code articles, audio advice from Barney, Bro-Mail - a MadLibs feature, playlists, and more.


HarperCollins Publishers

From the authors of bestselling Freakonomics and SuperFreakonomics, this app offers an interactive quiz, blog, and video content for its huge following.

PLoS Medicine

Harvard Medical School

The Center for Biomedical Informatics at Harvard Medical School, in collaboration with Public Library of Science, worked with our team to create this app for PLoS Medicine, the open-access journal. The app was primarily designed to bring the PLoS content into a mobile friendly reading format with enhanced features, such as favoring, sharing, and accessing archives.

Telguard Interactive

Telular, Corp.

The Telguard Interactive app, in conjunction with Telguard's TG-1 Express cellular alarm communicator which is compatible with virtually all alarm panels, allows users to remotely arm or disarm their home alarm system. With a complex backend and web service, this app also allows users to view arming and alerting history and receive notifications of any alarm status change.

Mega Crosswords

Simon & Schuster

Mega Crosswords To Go contains unique and challenging crossword puzzles for solvers of every level and interest. Purchase additional packs of puzzles in mega quantities from within the app, selecting based on theme or difficulty level. Browse puzzle packs by degree of difficulty or level of completion, purchase Mega packs of 300 mixed-level puzzles, or 50 packs divided by level (Easy, Medium, Hard) or themes such as Entertainment, Sports, and Quips & Quotes, play with the "Pick One For Me" option, solve puzzles in "pen" or "pencil" mode, check or reveal a letter, a word, or the entire grid.



Featured by Apple as one of the top "Apps for Kids" and a "Staff Favorite", IntuApps brings to the life the classic story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears . Includes reading modes, story narration, highlighted and interactive words, as well as a "Look & Find Teddy" game where the teddy has squeaked over a million times!

The Band App

Simon & Schuster

As part of the "Silly Bandz" craze, Simon & Schuster released The Band App , a super fun app that lets users create their own band shapes with a band "blender." The app also lets users play a time based, interactive game guessing which two bands morphed together in the blender.

When I Grow Up

Inspiring Books

Featured as a "New and Noteworthy" and "Hot" app, When I Grow Up is an interactive and animated storybook app that lets the readers come to life as the characters in the storyline, also allowing them to decide their professional destiny in a fun and stimulating way.

Forrest Griffin

HarperCollins Publishers

With cool design and interactive content, this app lets users learn what it takes to be a "Man" from fighting champion, Forrest Griffin. Quizzes, videos, tips and more.


HarperCollins Publishers

This app allows users to discover books from William Morrow, Eos and Avon Books. Browse genres, read excerpts, share books with friends, and make purchases via select retailers. The publisher keeps the content current by updating the app via our backend CMS.

Food Counter

Simon & Schuster

Your Complete Food Counter is the go-to app for choosing healthy foods when shopping, eating out, or grabbing a snack on the go. Written by trained health professionals with advanced degrees in science and nutrition, this easy-to-use app lets users create a personal profile to customize info that users want to track. The app provides calorie and nutrition values for over 21,000 foods, includes low fat, low carb, ethnic, organic, and vegetarian foods, includes branded, generic, and take-out foods, plus restaurant chains. In addition to helping people determine and track "How much do I need?" for every tracked nutrient, the app contains a comprehensive nutrition dictionary for quick reference. This data-rich app is derived from the book, The Most Complete Food Counter , 2nd Ed.

Healing Foods

Simon & Schuster

To complement the popular Encyclopedia of Healing Foods , this app is an engaging reference guide and source of inspiration for people interested in developing eating habits that lead to better health. The app offers much more than nutritional information by sharing cutting-edge research and clinical discoveries about what and how foods stimulate the body to rejuvenate and heal. Among other features, users can search the comprehensive app by food type/product as well as disease/condition.

Urinal Test

Hachete Book Group

Hitting the number 1 spot in the App Store, this app generated its first million downloads in no time! The app complements the book, The Man's Book: The Essential Guide for the Modern Man. With fun design and sound effects, the app tests how well users pick the "right" urinal in an interactive quiz game.

Lyme - Tick Map

American Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc.

Based on research from the Yale School of Public Health, this app offers comprehensive information about ticks and Lyme Disease via interactive content and a proprietary tick map.



The nation's largest fulfillment center of half-off dining and entertainment gift certificates brings its offers to the mobile world. Search offers by GPS or address, purchase 50% off certificates, and save offers for later.

New Year's Horn


For one of our very first apps, we thought it would be cool to turn the microphone into a 'blowout' horn that unravels upon blowing. The first of its kind, many popular news sites and blogs covered its unique concept. It's still a hit, several years later!

Wealth Watchers

Simon & Schuster

The Wealth Watchers app is a simple journal for expenses that follows the principles of the Wealth Watchers program by Alice Wood. Calculate DDI (Daily Disposable Income), track expenses on the go by category and payment method, and generate reports about your financial health.

Lloyd Boston

Simon & Schuster

This is the official app for Lloyd Boston, the "Style Guy" for Jones New York and author of the books Before You Put That On and The Style Checklist. The app delivers daily style tips from Lloyd on what to wear - and what not to wear - and leverages the camera functionality, allowing users to keep a log of their favorite outfits/combinations, great looks on the street, or pieces to look out for. The app is rich in content, all displayed in a friendly and interactive interface.

Notes f/Universe

Simon & Schuster

To complement the print book, this app brings Mike Dooley's Notes From the Universe to people on the go. It is designed to inspire one's inner path. The many features include accessing the Notes from a cloud or list view, audio narration, favoring functionality, and more.

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